Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be one-day tickets?

Depending on how ticket sales go, we may open up sales for single-day tickets at a time closer to the event!

Can you provide support with visitor visa sponsorship?

Securing a short-term visitor visa to Canada is outside of the scope of help that we can provide. In some cases, conference organizers can issue a letter of invitation, but this does not guarantee that a visa will be successfully issued. All visa processing decisions are made by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide invitation letters for attendees of the conference. The process for supporting visitor visas is time-intensive, and the org team does not have any special expertise in this area. In recent years, the visitor visa process has become less predictable, so we would hate for anyone to incur financial risk as a result of visa denial. As a volunteer-run organization, we unfortunately need to recognize that providing support for visitor visas is not a task that we currently have the bandwidth to perform.

We will provide letters to accepted speakers on a case-by-case basis.

Are there blocks of rooms, or discounts, for local hotels?

We do not have blocks or discounts with any local hotels.

For hotels and AirBnBs near the venue, Stay22 has an interactive map that may be useful.